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    VPACE Kids Cup #4

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Registration for Willingen

DHC & Kids Cup #2

Registration for the second race of the iXS Downhill Cup and the VPAVE Kids Cup opens today. Once again, the bike festival in Willingen is the venue for round number two. Action, fun and excitement are once again guaranteed. Find out what else awaits you in Willingen here!

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VPACE Kids Cup Dates

5 Races at Prestigious Venues

The year 2024 is now fast approaching and it's time to start planning for the summer. For this reason, it is now time to publish the dates of the VPACE Kids Cup. There are five races on the programme, with many well-known locations, but also one newcomer.

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Kids Cup Leogang 2023

Leogang at its best

VPACE Kids Cup #5

After the VPACE Kids Cup made its first guest appearance in Leogang last year and offered the perfect venue for this form of competition as part of the Bike Festival, the event programme of the 2023 Festival once again included the competition for the very young kids.

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