A mini race series for bike-loving kids, who otherwise only had to watch

For the age groups five to ten there is now the perfect format to experience the first small competitions on two wheels. You could also say: the pre-school for the Rookies Cup.

After the distribution of the start number the kids meet for the welcome, the "Riders Meeting" and a common track walk. Afterwards they train before things get serious and the start beep sounds. On a easy downhill trail the kids race against the clock - all age-appropriate of course.

In the foreground is the experience - the kids should have fun and action, meet bike friends and get to know new people and get used to competitions in a playful way. Everyone wins, the three fastest even gold, silver and bronze.

VPACE Kids Cup Willingen 2023_1.jpg

Registration for the categories Mini Kids (2018-2019), Kids (2016-2017) and Maxi Kids (2014-2015) can be done via the online registration at this website from eight weeks prior the event.

For questions please contact MTB-Agency at

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VPACE Kids Cup Dates

5 Races at Prestigious Venues

The year 2024 is now fast approaching and it's time to start planning for the summer. For this reason, it is now time to publish the dates of the VPACE Kids Cup. There are five races on the programme, with many well-known locations, but also one newcomer.

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Kids Cup Leogang 2023

Leogang at its best

VPACE Kids Cup #5

After the VPACE Kids Cup made its first guest appearance in Leogang last year and offered the perfect venue for this form of competition as part of the Bike Festival, the event programme of the 2023 Festival once again included the competition for the very young kids.

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VPACE Kids Cup St. Kassian 2023_1.jpg42.jpg

VPACE Kids Cup Nr. 4

Kleine Racer, große Berge...

Der vierte von insgesamt fünf Wettbewerben des VPACE Kids Cups führte die Rennbegeisterten Familien nach St. Kassian, einem der wohl schönsten Schauplätze des Kalenders. Perfektes Wetter und eine entspannte Atmosphäre waren die äußeren Bedingungen.

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Dolomites - RDC St. Kassian 2019.jpg

Ergebnisse von St. Kassian

VPACE Kids Cup #4

Der vierte der insgesamt fünf Stopps der Serie liegt nun hinter uns. Gastgeber war diesmal der italienische Ort St. Kassian, der erneut einen erstklassigen Schauplatz für den Wettbewerb der jüngsten Racer bot. Klickt rein für die Ergebnisse.

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VPACE Kids Cup Oberhof 2023_42.jpg

Oberhof war der Hammer

VPACE Kids Cup #3

Bereits der dritte Stopp der Serie ging nun in Oberhof über die Bühne. Der kleine Bikepark im Thüringer Wald war bei besten Bedingungen Gastgeber für etwa 100 Kids, die teilweise sogar aus dem Ausland dafür anreisten. Hier ein kurzer Bericht.

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