A mini race series for bike-loving kids, who otherwise only had to watch

For the age groups five to ten there is now the perfect format to experience the first small competitions on two wheels. You could also say: the pre-school for the Rookies Cup.

After the distribution of the start number the kids meet for the welcome, the "Riders Meeting" and a common track walk. Afterwards they train before things get serious and the start beep sounds. On a easy downhill trail the kids race against the clock - all age-appropriate of course.

In the foreground is the experience - the kids should have fun and action, meet bike friends and get to know new people and get used to competitions in a playful way. Everyone wins, the three fastest even gold, silver and bronze.

VPACE Kids Cup Willingen 2023_1.jpg

Registration for the categories Mini Kids (2018-2019), Kids (2016-2017) and Maxi Kids (2014-2015) can be done via the online registration at this website from eight weeks prior the event.

For questions please contact MTB-Agency at

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The registration

All About Racing #1
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VPACE Kids Cup Oberhof 2024 37

The little ones big time

VPACE Kids Cup #3 Oberhof

The third VPACE Kids Cup is history. Oberhof hosted the event for the third time and once again fulfilled this role perfectly. The weather was sunny and warm, the track was suitable for the event and the more than one hundred kids were in a good mood.

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VPACE Kids Cup Oberhof 2022_64.jpg

VPACE Kids Cup #3

The next highlight is just around the corner

The VPACE Kids Cup began in mid-May as part of the iXS Dirt Masters in Willingen. And now, around three weeks later, we're already looking ahead to the third round of the series. This time, Oberhof is hosting the event and will provide the usual cool racing atmosphere for the kids.

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VPACE Kids Cup Willingen 2024 82

Volles Haus und schönes Wetter

Round #2 in Willingen

Just one week after the start of the series, the VPACE Kids Cup entered its second round. This time, the BIKE Festival in Willingen played host and offered perfect conditions. 120 kids from 6 nations were at the start of the course at the foot of the Ettelsberg.

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Landscape - DHC Willingen 2022.jpg

Downhill & Kids Cup

Bike Festival Willingen

The second race of the iXS Downhill Cup and the VPACE Kids Cup are in the starting blocks. Once again, the Bike Festival in Willingen is the venue for the second race in the series. Action, fun and excitement are guaranteed here.

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