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    DHC & Kids Cup #2

Registration for the second race of the iXS Downhill Cup and the VPAVE Kids Cup opens today. Once again, the bike festival in Willingen is the venue for round number two. Action, fun and excitement are once again guaranteed. Find out what else awaits you in Willingen here!

In the past of downhill sports, Willingen was a legendary venue for the Downhill World Cup. The course has remained relatively unchanged since the 2000s. However, 2 years ago it was extended and improved especially for the iXS DHC. Last year, this ensured a truly breathtaking result for the German Championships.

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Surprising twist ♻️

The elite men had a close race on the short but demanding course. Max Hartenstern seemed to be on course for the title, but then U19 rider Henri Kiefer surprised everyone with the best time of the day. This led to an unexpected turn of events, which Max Hartenstern had already experienced twice before at German championships.

Henri Kiefer DHC Willingen 2023 4

Henri Kiefer wins the title of German champion

Nina Hoffmann DHC Willingen 2023 4

Nina Hoffmann won the women's title

Bike Festival 🚲

Alongside the iXS Dirt Masters, the Bike Festival in Willingen is another annual highlight for bike freaks from all over the world. With exciting competitions, test tracks and a diverse supporting program, it attracts thousands of visitors. The weekend is full of action, adrenaline and the latest bike trends that are not to be missed.

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The Expo area in Willingen

Kids Cup 🎈

The VPACE Kids Cup is already entering its second round. The series for our youngest racers is once again more popular than ever this season. If you want to take part, you have to be fast. The kids are guaranteed to have fun again on this track, but there are also many other highlights awaiting them off the track.

VPACE Kids Cup Willingen

Registration ✍🏽

Willingen, located in the heart of the Sauerland, is not only known for its picturesque nature, but also for its versatile bike park - the MTB Zone Bikepark Willingen. Registration for the iXS Downhill Cup and the VPACE Kids Cup opens today, March 26, at 5:00 pm. Once again, it's time to be quick before all the starting places are taken!

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More news

VPACE Kids Cup Willingen 2024 82

Volles Haus und schönes Wetter

Round #2 in Willingen

Just one week after the start of the series, the VPACE Kids Cup entered its second round. This time, the BIKE Festival in Willingen played host and offered perfect conditions. 120 kids from 6 nations were at the start of the course at the foot of the Ettelsberg.

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Downhill & Kids Cup

Bike Festival Willingen

The second race of the iXS Downhill Cup and the VPACE Kids Cup are in the starting blocks. Once again, the Bike Festival in Willingen is the venue for the second race in the series. Action, fun and excitement are guaranteed here.

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VPACE Kids Cup i XS Dirt Masters 2024 48

Runde Nr. 1

VPACE Kids Cup

The VPACE Kids Cup race was one of the highlights of the festival. Young talents from various age groups showed off their skills on the track. Despite the unpredictable weather, the young riders mastered the course with impressive skill and courage.

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