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    Bike Festival Willingen

The second race of the iXS Downhill Cup and the VPACE Kids Cup are in the starting blocks. Once again, the Bike Festival in Willingen is the venue for the second race in the series. Action, fun and excitement are guaranteed here.

In the past, Willingen was a legendary venue for the Downhill World Cup. The course has remained relatively unchanged since the 2000s. However, every year it is specially modified for the iXS DHC and the lines are adapted. Last year, this made for an exciting race in which the German Championship titles were awarded.

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Henri Kiefer Willingen 2023 Header
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Bike-Festival 🚲

Alongside the iXS Dirt Masters, the Bike Festival in Willingen is another annual highlight for bike freaks from all over the world. With exciting competitions, test tracks and a diverse supporting program, it attracts thousands of visitors. The weekend is full of action, adrenaline and the latest bike trends that are not to be missed.

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SRAM - SSES Willingen 2016.jpg
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Kids Cup 🎈

The VPACE Kids Cup is already entering its second round. The series for mini racers is once again more popular than ever this season. If you want to be here, you have to be fast. The kids will have fun again on this track, that's guaranteed, but many other highlights await them off the track too.

VPACE Kids Cup Willingen
Awards - VPACE Kids Cup Willingen 2022

It's worth stopping by

The Bike Festival as well as the iXS Downhill Cup and the VPACE Kids Cup are taking place this weekend. So if you haven't planned anything yet, you should definitely stop by and take in the latest trends in the bike industry and the racing action.

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The registration

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The little ones big time

VPACE Kids Cup #3 Oberhof

The third VPACE Kids Cup is history. Oberhof hosted the event for the third time and once again fulfilled this role perfectly. The weather was sunny and warm, the track was suitable for the event and the more than one hundred kids were in a good mood.

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VPACE Kids Cup #3

The next highlight is just around the corner

The VPACE Kids Cup began in mid-May as part of the iXS Dirt Masters in Willingen. And now, around three weeks later, we're already looking ahead to the third round of the series. This time, Oberhof is hosting the event and will provide the usual cool racing atmosphere for the kids.

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